A New Zealand-based production company located in the ultimate filming destination.

New Zealand's rich and diverse landscapes, all within easy reach, make it the ideal destination for your filming needs. By choosing New Zealand, you'll save precious time and money and avoid the hassles of extensive travel.

Opting for a single country simplifies your production process. In New Zealand, you'll discover well-established infrastructure capable of accommodating medium to large-scale international productions. We specialise in line production, act as reliable fixers, and possess in-depth production know-how. Accessing our world-class talent and cutting-edge technology will cost you a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere.

At FilmThreeSixty, we handle every aspect of production, from skilled directors and film crews to securing remarkable locations and talent—all conveniently and cost-effectively managed from a single point of contact.

Why New Zealand?

Lights, camera, savings: choose New Zealand for your production.

From Swiss-style Alps to pristine beaches and bustling cityscapes, we've got you covered. Our expert location scouts excel at discovering the ideal settings for your project. Plus, we handle all the nitty-gritty details, including location permits, permissions, and cultural considerations.

We're Global.

Auckland alone boasts more than 220 recorded ethnic groups, and New Zealand houses over 150 spoken languages within its diverse communities. Meeting any demographic and talent requirements is a breeze in our cosmopolitan environment.


Castle Hill


Fox Glacier





Why FilmThreeSixty?

We're fully remote

No matter where you are located, our dedicated and passionate team manages the entire end-to-end production process with precision and care.

We’re cost-effective

Count on us for swift, budget-friendly, and top-notch production solutions. There are no hidden overheads or management fees—you pay only for your project, nothing extra. And with our competitive exchange rate, you benefit directly, making your investment even more valuable.

We're speedier

Thanks to our comprehensive in-house capabilities, we offer rapid and efficient production services. By streamlining your project within our team, you avoid the delays that can come from engaging multiple vendors. What's more, our advantageous time zone often allows us to work while you rest, accelerating your project even further.

We’re experienced

Rest easy; you're in capable hands. We harness cutting-edge technologies to streamline and expand your projects, and our track record speaks volumes about our ability to deliver top-notch video and photography solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Discover how we can make things for you

Whether you're in search of concise and engaging social media content, attention-grabbing retail advertisements that drive sales, heartwarming brand ads that resonate, or photos that weave intricate narratives, our team of skilled specialists is here to assist you.


FilmThreeSixty offers a full-service
end-to-end production house with a network of award-winning independent
Directors and DOPs.

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Video Stories

Our Video Stories for Business service offers great value and flexibility, allowing brands & businesses to produce quality video content as they need it.

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Additionally, we take pride in our independent post-production service, staffed by talented individuals who deliver exceptional results across all project types.

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Our Clients

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